Iris Martens has made many different architectural designs in recent years. For example she designed an apartment building around The Hague HS, build a house in The Hague Vogelwijk and did the renovation of several buildings, including (national) monuments in the center of The Hague and Eindhoven. Mostly she also escorted the building process where she kept an eye on the architectural quality of the design after the design process.


In combination with the exterior, but also apart from the exterior, Iris Martens has designed serveral interiors. Ranging from the interior of a mansion with a new bedroom floor and bathroom to the entrance and surrounding areas of an office.

Graphic design

Iris Martens’ creativity is not limited to the design of buildings, she also designs websites and other graphic designs. Some examples, such as business cards, birth announcements, etc. can be seen here.

‘ Design is my passion. I bring old and new, classic and modern together and have a penchant for transparency, openness and surprising floorplans. ‘ – Iris Martens

Architect Iris Martens designs on the basis of requirements of the client, stylish and inspiring buildings and rooms. This is done in new situations and if fitting in existing situations. The projects she makes are diverse: new build villas, business facilities, renovation of (State-) monuments and new interiors in both homes and offices. Iris Martens can accompany your project from the preliminary design to the delivery. Consultation with organizations such as “Welstand”, Monument conservation and construction guidance can also been taken care of by her. Guiding or designing a part of the construction process, of course, also belongs to the possibilities.

Important for Iris is good communication with the client and with the executing party. To get a good spatial image of the project Iris also presents in 3D. In addition to architecture, she is also involved in designing websites and other graphic designs like business cards, birth announcements, etc.

After her graduation at the Delft University of technology in 2006 Iris Martens has work for five years as an architect on an architectural firm in the Hague. During her studies she has attended several workshops in the Netherlands and abroad and has worked on an international architectural firm in Chicago.

Iris Martens